Mobberley Ice Cream Our Story Picture


Founded during lockdown 2020 by Brian and Deborah Brereton, our passion for Ice Cream is unparalleled! Brian grew up in America where it is common to visit Ice Cream parlours for a special treat.


Many years later Brian would meet Deborah and move to Mobberley and after much frustration, not being able to find good local Ice Cream, certainly not as good as back home, Brian decided to take matters into his own hands.


After some jaw droping responses from Family and Friends, they quickly realised they had something very special and had to share it with the world and Mobberley Ice Cream was born.

Teaming up with Greenoaks farm, a local micro dairy, located just one mile from their home, the first tub was sold in August 2020. This has now blossomed into a true Lockdown success story.


Word quickly spread about their phenomenal Ice Cream and people flock from miles around to enjoy the delicious taste of true hand made, Local Ice Cream, starting what continues to be a truly amazing journey.

We are now available in various different locations throughout the North West, you can find a full list of our stockists HERE.

Mobberley Ice Cream is committed to producing, what we believe to be the best Ice Cream in the World!


We hand craft every batch and pride ourselves on using all natural, non artificial and mostly local ingredients.

It takes around 3 days to cook just one batch and every single batch is made with love.

No powders, stabilisers or emulsifiers as used in the production process, just milk, cream and sugar the way good old fashioned Ice Cream should be made.

It's truly like no other Ice Cream around!

Everything we do has an ethical reason behind it. We Don't use plastic packaging and the milk we use is produced by our team of amazing cows right here at Green Oaks Farm. you can meet some of the Moo-perstars HERE.

Green Oaks Farms is an ethical dairy with a herd of Jersey cows, who have been hand reared from Calf to Cow.