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Who We Are

How It All Started

Founded during lockdown 2020 by Brian and Deborah Brereton, our passion for Ice Cream is unparalleled!

Brian, originally from the United States, arrived in the UK with a deep appreciation for genuine, homemade ice cream. However, he quickly discovered that the local offerings fell short, relying on generic mixes and uninspiring powders. Realising the UK ice cream market was several years behind the handcrafted revolution taking place in America, he began making traditional high-quality ice cream using a foundation of simply milk, cream and sugar.


Renting space from a local micro-dairy just a mile from their home to test our recipes, we sold our first tub on August 1st 2020 and have never looked back

Word quickly spread, and ice cream lovers flocked from near and far to savour the taste of our handcrafted, locally sourced ice cream.

As demand grew, we needed more space to create and store our creations. In April 2023, we opened our ice cream shop with an in-house kitchen, where our journey continues.

Building upwards

In March 2024, Sophie of Sophie’s Kitchen took to the helm and relaunched the shop as the Coffee House@Mobberley Ice Cream Co, planning to build on the fantastic path that was forged by Brian and Deborah.

Serving a selection of cakes, Afternoon Teas, sandwiches and toasties. the Coffee House@Mobbereley Ice Cream Co. is a perfect location to unwind and enjoy our locally made ice cream with a fantastic locally roasted coffee.

The Ice Cream

Mobberley Ice Cream is committed to producing what we believe is the finest ice cream in the UK. Each batch typically is handcrafted with care over three days; ready to be served to the public.

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to using the finest local ingredients. We use all-natural, non-artificial, and predominantly local components, with no shortcuts or artificial additives. Our milk comes from local Cheshire farmers, currently sourced fresh daily from Davis Dairy, a local dairy farm that pasteurises milk each day for us.

With over forty flavours currently available and an ever-expanding wedding and events portfolio, Mobberley Ice Cream offers a timeless indulgence for all to enjoy.

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